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Akashic Afternoon with Wendy Lipson

Dear Friends,

You are welcome to share the unlimited healing energy and unconditional love of the Akashic Records! Receive answers to your questions and much more!

AKASHIC AFTERNOON - SATURDAY, 3/24/18. Doors open at 130pm.

You are invited to this event overflowing with healing, renewal and smiles facilitated by an energy healer contributing four decades of experience in a welcoming environment of non-judgment and gentle humor.

The Akashic Records contain the story of each soul since its inception. Every thought, feeling and action occurring in all of your lifetimes is available from the Records. They provide profound healing and information in order to help you move forward in all areas of your life.

The result of entering your Records is often a sense of relief, clarity, hope, greater understanding and peace-of-mind plus you often receive strategies enabling you to think out-of-the-box with expanded possibilities!

Within the Records are loving, supportive energies providing a sense of safety and compassion. They speak to each person exactly in a way that is meant for each soul.

You will also benefit from the presence of each and every guest attending.

Each person is invited to bring 3 questions to ask during the event. Ask anything about your past, present and beyond. It's important to bring questions in written form though you may change them at any point if desired. The attachment contains several topics to inspire you when forming your questions.

After the Records are closed you are invited to enjoy snacks and chat after sharing the glistening brilliance within the Records.

Receiving from the Records within the group is an enriching experience that reconnects us to ourselves and our community. Join us for this engaging and transformative afternoon!

Always with gratitude and love,


Wendy Lipson,

Akashic Records Guide/Channel

Reikimaster healer/Instructor

Heart-Mind Clearing, Creator/practitioner

Sound healer

Home/business energy cleansing and blessing

Workshop/Lecture provider

Certified Marriage Officiant and celebrant



Send email to containing your full name and date of event.

Contribute $45 to via or Venmo. (Paypal address is

If you bring a friend new to the Records each of you contributes $30.

Seating is limited.

Please be sure to bring your questions with you!


Private Akashic Record consultations are available by phone or in person locally and remotely.

Private Akashic group sessions for you and close friends are available at a time convenient for you. Call or email for more information.

Energy healing sessions are available in person and remotely

REIKI CLASSES ARE NOW FORMING, all levels. Call or email for details


(718) 832-3909 email:

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