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Shiffa Diamond Oil Energy Balancing Treatment

Shiffa Diamond Oil Energy Balancing Treatment A Transforming Reiki Treatment with Precious Diamond Infused Shiffa Oils

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2013 -- Ancient Healing Arts introduces the "Shiffa Diamond Oil Energy Balancing Treatment" an exclusive luxury transformational treatment that utilizes the unique diamond gemstone oils created by Shiffa Dubai and the Healing powers of Reiki. Shiffa Dubai specializes in holistic, natural skincare products inspired by ancient Arabia.

The relaxing 60 minute treatment includes applying the Shiffa Diamond oil to meridians and chakras and a 60 minute Reiki treatment given by a Reiki Master.

The Diamond is known as a master healer and has a harmonizing influence on all of the chakras. The oils used in this treatment contain precious diamonds in addition to rose and geranium known for their balancing effects.

The 60 minute "Shiffa Diamond Oil Energy Balancing Treatment" is offered exclusively by Ancient Healing Arts.

Treatments are $275 and are available in Soho NYC. please call 718-483-4991 or visit: to schedule an appointment.

About Ancient Healing Arts:

The Ancient Healing Arts Academy and Spa was created by Reiki Masters Joy Romano and Wendy Lipson. Ancient Healing Arts offers spa healing treatments and teachings to serve those interested in greater awareness, expanding personal empowerment and the healing of self and others. Our mission is to provide services and courses of study so that we may access higher vibrational energy to balance mind, body and spirit.


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