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Wendy Lipson
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Wendy Lipson
Director of Education


Akashic Records Consultant
Reiki Master Healer/ Instructor/ Lecturer

Heart-centered Brain Clearing creator/practitioner
Access Bars Facilitator

Wendy Lipson,  co-creator of Ancient Healing Arts Academy and Elite Energetics Reiki for Professional Athletes, has been treating clients with her innate gifts and knowledge of Energy Healing for over thirty-five years. An Access Bars Healing Facilitator/Instructor and a Certified Reiki Master, she is the founder of The Reiki Treatment Center of New York based in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Certified in several forms of energy healing, Wendy began her energy training with Dr. Janet McCrae of the NYU School of Nursing in 1975 with the study of Therapeutic Touch. Her intuitive skills and sense of compassion are interwoven with all modalities to provide a safe place in which healing can emerge and blossom. In a recent issue of New Age Journal of Holistic Living, Wendy is said to possess, "a balanced and profound understanding of Reiki" and is described as a "healer's healer" and “teacher’s teacher” by her colleagues.

Wendy is the director of Reiki Reaching Out, an organization formed to bring Reiki and The Bars to the underserved members of the community. This organization consists of practitioners and teachers who donate their skills and time in order to treat individuals unable to receive healing in other ways. Energy healing is brought to hospitals, homes and emergency locales.
She also provides individual and group support for those beginning their Reiki journey. Reiki for Beginners is a monthly meeting group especially focused on the needs of new healers. A monthly group focused on the needs of seasoned practitioners is also in place, now in its fifteenth year.
Reiki Reaching Out also serves a special group in need of extra support and healing. The Caregiver Project is designed to bring healing to those caring for family members with devastating diseases such as Alzheimer's. Caregivers are unsung heroes deserving of all possible support and input.
With enthusiasm and a gentle touch, Wendy teaches all levels of Reiki and The Bars to professional healers as well as to those interested primarily in their own healing and personal growth. “Her total trust in the healing energy is inspirational; her students are bathed in her passion for teaching about it. She is a magnetic communicator.” Wendy’s reputation as “an experienced, passionate and open-hearted” teacher and healer has been the result of many years of sharing the power and love of the unlimited life-force energy.
Wendy has dedicated her life to helping others to heal and to become self-empowered so that they may live the fullest possible life in joy and peace. She is devoted to her clients, students and the under-served members of our local & global communities, joyfully sharing the delicious and limitless healing of Reiki and The Bars with people of all ages. It continues to be a ‘labor’ of love.


Joy Romano

Reiki Master Healer/Teacher
Member: International Center for Reiki Training


Joy Romano has been working with KI, Chi, Prana (Life force energy) for 24 Years as a Karate Instructor, and as a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher and Access Bars Practitioner. Joy has studied with top Masters in their field, Soshu Shigeru Oyama, Alfred DiGrazia, Wendy Lipson and Karynn Hatch.

Joy is the co-creator of Ancient Healing Arts Academy. Her mission is to assist others in performing at the highest possible level--physically, cognitively and emotionally. Her passion is to bring the increased awareness and unlimited healing power of Reiki to those seeking greater energy, improved health, balance, professional success, peace and gratitude


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