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I had been a Reiki student of Wendy's for several years when I learned about her healing work with the Akashic Records. 'Not sure I would have considered trying it with any other practitioner. I already had the highest respect for and confidence in Wendy's deep healing abilities and was indeed blown away by my first Akashic reading with her. 

The Akashic healing experience still had Wendy's one-of-a-kind blend of compassion, wisdom, non-judgment and roll-on-the-floor hilarious moments, but was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I was accustomed to receiving her energetic healings lying on a table, blissfully suspended in that space between floating and sleeping. Receiving the Akashic reading was also deeply healing, but unique--interactive, seated, conversational, direct, yet still gentle.

I cannot recommend Wendy's Akashic work highly enough. Wendy's decades of healing experience coupled with the wisdom of the Akashic Records made me feel like I was being held in an endlessly nurturing energetic embrace while receiving much-needed but loving straight talk. Wendy is a truly gifted healer, and it is truly a gift to receive her healing.



Having a guide and mentor like Wendy becomes a real treasure. Each soul has a unique purpose and reason for being on this earth. All I can say is that with the help of Wendy bringing meaning to my life and a clear sense of purpose there has been a reawakening. She is so powerful that healing wounds long time hidden has been possible. Her skills and gifts cannot be described adequately with words.



The records for me proved invaluable. They allowed me to move forward from an impossible situation.  In my particular case the Records were possibly the only way to unlock my deadlock. Having been in love with a person who was mentally ill but undiagnosed as such, I was on the receiving end of a constant switch in affection and attention. I was also unable to understand why I was so tied in to this person. The records provided me with clarity and relief and an Invaluable explanation only available there. They have also offered me some closure with my relationships with deceased members of family and friends. Wendy Lipson’s manner is one of empathy and both reassuring or calming and thoroughly honest, all of which are very precious when entering the records.  


 I'm trying to find the words that express the magnitude and profundity of receiving healing from Wendy. There seems to be a bank of words used when writing testimonials and I wish to pick words from outside this box because what Wendy offered me transcends any sort of limitations human minds tend to place. During my time in the Akashic Records Wendy was able to provide me answers about the deepest and most intricate parts of myself that helped illuminate to me who I am, how I am, and why I am. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me this information and understanding. S.A.


I got my first Akashic reading from Wendy Lipson during a time of painful transitions in my life. The answers I received were not always exactly what I wanted to hear, but they were always compassionate, clear and truthful,  What I have realized over the course of several readings, is that as I grow and evolve so do my questions. The depth of the answers I receive from the Akashics is always related to the quality of my inquiries. This in itself has been a beautiful spiritual lesson. My life has been deeply enriched because of these readings. Wendy brings her own wisdom, humor and empathy to each session. I always leave her company feeling loved and surrounded by light. Y.Y.



My Akashic session with Wendy was life-altering. I lived daily with the pain of feeling that my father's death was due to the fault of my first-born child. Happiness had become a distant memory since his death. As a result of that session, that pain has been lifted from my heart.  D.P.  She is completely suited to bring you into the Akashic Records. Her compassion, sense-of-humor and decades of experience are the perfect delivery system for the wisdom of the Akashic Masters. A.R.  So grateful for the Akashic Records. I understand now why it wasn't possible to please my mother. I feel free of feeling deficient and unworthy of her love. Beginning to trust that someone could love and care about me.  B.B.  I've hired Wendy to clear the energy in my house, have been seeing her for over 20 years as an energy healer and go into the Records with her a few times a year. There is no one I'd rather be within the Records. A brilliant guide and a consistently loving presence.  S.W.


Receiving an Akashic reading from Wendy Lipson is a gift you give yourself. She’s generous of spirit and kind. An Akashic reading is a chance to ask the biggest questions in your heart. The ‘what if’s’ that follow us throughout our life, the burning questions that wake us up at 2am. Give yourself peace of mind this year; it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make.”



The Akashic records readings provide great guidance and wisdom for me.  The answers I get provide great relief and when sometimes it's what I knew deep down I wanted - at other times I had no idea what would be best and it told me straight away what the best path was. At first I was skeptical about how accurate it would be, but over the last two years - it's proven correct time and time again. Now I just follow the guidance with ease because I know I can trust it. It's never lead me wrong. I value these readings so much. It's a blessing to be able to have guidance and wisdom in life that's also so practical and effective. 



The validation I received in the Akashic Records was a gift for my Soul. Words can’t do justice to the illuminating experience is gives with each session and how it has opened doors for me I didn't realize existed. Wendy provides a safe environment of non judgement and compassion and her guidance in the Records is one of love, clarity and joy. I am grateful to know such a beautiful and gifted healer and mentor.


I first met Wendy at the Akashic Records meeting at her home and immediately fell in love. She creates a safe space in a welcoming environment and as soon as you step inside, you are enveloped in her good energy. She had me at hello, I never experienced having spiritual advice through the questions I had prepared, but I knew she was gifted and I was blessed when I heard the answers I knew resonated with me and me only. Since then I have had healing sessions one-on-one and Akashic healing sessions via phone. 


Each and every time I have been cared for and given the advice I knew I needed. I have followed every word of advice and often go back and listen to the recordings of our sessions as I always hear something new, as they still provide healing. My life has since been better now without any doubt, I am on the right path for the best life ever. 


I am blessed with knowing Wendy and being in her care, feeling safe, and only wish that others get to have the same blessing. She is my spiritual mom whom I trust and adore immensely.




My experience with Wendy started out with some Reiki sessions which helped me in ways other traditional and non-traditional didn't. I loved it so much I decided to take Reiki 1 and Reiki Advanced practices with her. When she stared the Akashic readings I was in the early groups and have recommended it to lots of friends. The Akashic readings have helped me tremendously. I always leave with a reminder of self-love and forgiveness being the keys to life. In my private sessions, I've shared some very dark times with Wendy and the Akashic masters and I have always been met with such love and compassion. The group sessions have a whole other level of "group healing" that always impresses me. I've been to probably 6-8 and every time there is one or more experience from someone else in the group that helps me that day. I am so grateful to have experienced this with Wendy. It's true magic.



Whether in a group or a private reading Wendy begins with a brief prayer and meditation leading you into yourself to ask what is important to you at that time. I do not necessary find it easy to ask questions, but Wendy has a gentle, inviting presence. She has a gift of seeing clearly and revealing what is written, directly, delightfully and without judgement. We are where we are and that is all good. I found it very useful to be in the records while being with the heart of Wendy


I have had Reiki Sessions and have taken Level 1 and Level 2 classes with Joy. Reiki dramatically improved the quality of my life, it eliminated anxiety and stress, and brought me a new calmness. Joy is so thorough and caring in her manner of giving the Reiki treatments and teaching. I am looking forward to completing all Reiki levels with her and would recommend her and the Reiki Modality to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.
--Ian D



Wendy is aware of each student at all times. She’s a great listener & communicator. The class received lots of healing energy in addition to information. She’s a highly-skilled teacher and a very gifted & gentle healer. Wendy is filled with light. Just being in her presence is healing.
--Amy W



Upon arrival to my reiki session Joy immediately made me feel very welcome and at ease. The entire session was incredibly relaxing and all my prior stresses quickly melted away. After the session Joy answered all of my questions about the session, she is very knowledgable and helped me to understand the process a lot more. A great experience that I would recommend to anyone.
--Klaudia S


Ms. Lipson knows her stuff. She’s a very kind, experienced teacher with a passion for her subject and an amazing ability to know what each student needs and seems to know how speak each person’s language. She provides a beautiful nest where learning happens easily and so does healing. The eight-hour class seemed to pass so quickly; I didn’t want to leave at the end of the day.
--Katie J

I started studying reiki with Joy this past summer. I really enjoyed her direct and precise teaching methods. After my Level 1 class I was able to do reiki on myself, my children and my pets. This new tool in my life has been a profound healing tool. It has also helped me create tranquility with my children and animals. I have felt a strong effect from the lessons I took with Joy and will definitely continue to practice and study this amazing healing art.
--Sally B



I have taken all levels of Reiki with Wendy Lipson. My life has changed since taking Reiki I with her. More than an excellent teacher, she lives and breathes Reiki and shares it with all of her heart. She truly embodies unconditional love, kindness-without- agenda and forgiveness which are actually aspects of the Reiki energy itself.
--Stavros M




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