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Akashic Afternoon, You're Invited!

Sunday, January 29th. Doors open at 130pm

Shall we begin the new year with focus & clarity?


Join us for an afternoon filled with healing, clarity, peace and fun, facilitated by an energy healer with four decades of experience in a relaxed environment of non-judgment and gentle humor.

The Akashic Records contain the story of each soul since its inception. Every thought, feeling and action occurring in all of your lifetimes are available from Records. They provide profound healing and information in order to help you understand your life and your relationships. The result of entering into the records is often a sense of relief, hope, greater understanding, peace-of-mind AND also you get strategies in how to proceed in everyday life in very concrete ways! Each person will be invited bring in 3 questions to ask during the event. Ask anything about your life, past, present and beyond. The attachment gives you an idea of many topics and concerns. Feel free to create your own questions based on the examples. It is important that folks write down questions before arriving though it is okay to makes changes if desired.. AKASHIC AFTERNOON with Wendy Lipson:

Doors open at 130 pm on Sunday, January 29th. This is an enriching, often joyful event because we all receive healing while each person is asking questions! Responses to all questions are respectful, supportive and emanating from love. After the Records are closed we will serve a soft drink have time to chat after being in the glistening energy of the Records. They are loving, nonjudgmental energies providing a sense of safety and compassion consistently and generously. You will soon discover that they know exactly who they're speaking to and they speak to each person in a way that is meant especially for each soul! Join us for a lovely and fun afternoon in the Akashics! Always with gratitude and love, Wendy Wendy Lipson, LipsonMethod: Akashic Records Guide Heart-centered Brain Clearing Instructor/Practitioner Reiki Master Healer/Teacher



REGISTER: Send email containing your full name and cell phone number.

Contribute $45 via to paypal address:

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